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Do you know about the new Happy Way school in the ZAL Port?

Family conciliation is a challenge, especially in the stage from 0 to 3 years. Balancing work and children is sometimes a juggling game. But can you imagine what it would mean to have the nursery school next to your work? At ZAL Port you can! Imagine being just a few steps away, saving a lot of time, optimizing routines and available time, sharing more moments at school…

To offer you that peace of mind and comfort, Happy Way has opened its doors at ZAL Port since last September. A precious space of trust where education, transparency, respect for children, innovation and support for families are the basis.

The Happy Way school educational project, developed by a team of pedagogues and psychologists, stimulates the multiple intelligences of each child from the very beginning. Through play, experimentation, art, nature, science, music and sports, its qualified educators work on the emotional, intellectual and psychomotor capacities of each child while teaching them positive personal habits to develop their safety, self-esteem and empathy, respecting their evolutionary rhythm.

What does the new nursery school of the ZAL Port offer?

Open all year from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. together with a team made up only of qualified professionals. It has: Own kitchen, dinner service at home, exceptional facilities, laundry service, permanent pediatric care, swimming, psychologist in the center, web camera system, Happy Summer Camp, organization of parties, workshops for families, app, e-classroom, scheduled departures, space for strollers, complementary and continuous training for the teaching team, thematic corners, materials for all developmental stages, air and water purification systems, large patios, large windows that provide natural light to the entire school, security access…

Find us at Av. Ports de Europa, 90, behind the paddle tennis courts and parking (hour and a half free) or call us at 655 105 565

If you want to know more about the Happy Way project, we invite you to visit its website and networks at and @escoleshappyway (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).