Our social commitment focuses on promoting foundations related to CILSA‘s own activity such as Fundació Cares or Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona, ​​​​and we facilitate young people’s insertion into the world of work by collaborating with JoveValor and Forma’t Al Port by Port de Barcelona.

Fundació Cares

Fudació CARES is a special non-profit work center promoted by CILSA, the ZAL of the Port of Barcelona, and established in 1998.

CARES is an acronym for Centers for High Business and Social Performance and summarizes the essential values of the entity: determination to help people in their global integration process and orientation towards achieving excellence in professional activity.

We provide them with 1,814 m2 of warehouse and 829 m2 of offices with a social rent.


Banc dels aliments

Banc dels Aliments Barcelona (BdA) is an independent, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit Foundation, whose main objectives are to prevent waste by recovering surplus food suitable for human consumption and fighting against food poverty, by delivering it to people in a precarious situation in our environment.

We provide them with a 1,238 m² warehouse and 324 m² of office with a social rent.



The Fundesplai Foundation develops an initiative aimed at young people, between 18 and 29 years old, who are unemployed, through which they discover and improve their talent by empowering and hardening their skills.

We collaborate from the ZAL Port with a program that allows young people to join the world of work.

Jove Valor – Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai (

Forma’t al Port

The objective is to bring the Port of Barcelona and its port community closer to students of higher level training cycles (CFGS) in Transport and Logistics and International Trade.

It provides today’s students, future professionals, with knowledge of professions in the logistics sector and especially maritime activity and intermodal transport.