Our values

The ZAL Port has been working since 1992 with the necessary mechanisms to implement an ethically and socially responsible management system. The adoption of levels of environmental requirements higher than the legal minimums means that the social and environmental programs are assumed by the organization, voluntarily and binding from the foundation of this logistical development.

As a result of our good practices and the strategically planned achievement of different goals within our Social Action and Environmental and Energy Policy, we have consolidated different certifications: ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 50001 to finally be adhered to the United Nations Global Compact. The United Nations Global Compact promotes business sustainability through the implementation of 10 universal principles on human rights and business, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption, favoring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


Human rights

Principle 1.

Suport and respect the protection of human rights.

Principle 2.

Not to be accomplice in abuses of rights.

Work sphere

Principle 3.

Support the principles of freedom of association and the right of collective bargaining.

Principle 4.

Eliminate forced and compulsory labor.

Principle 5.

Abolish any form of child labor.

Principle 6.

Eliminate discrimination in employment and occupation.


Principle 7.

Companies have to maintain a preventive approach that is environmentally friendly.

Principle 8.

Companies have to encourage initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility.

Principle 9.

Companies have to encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

Anti - Corruption

Principle 10.

Companies and institutions have to work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

CILSA, the entity from which we manage the ZAL Port, is a pionee in good practices, evaluates and -as far as possible- implements those codes that from the company favor the new challenges that society demands, with an attitude that it makes us socially responsible and therefore a reference in our entire social, environmental and business environment.