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Opening of the new nursery school at the ZAL Port: Happy Way

We reopen the doors of our nursery school with the help of Happy Way, a benchmark in early education. The Happy Way schools, which already have 5 centers in Barcelona and Sant Cugat del Vallès, have been honored with various Educational Excellence Awards, including Best Nursery School, Best Facilities and Best Educational Project with English.

In the stage from 0 to 3 years, crucial experiences and learning are made for our children. Happy Way is a living school, with a unique educational project, qualified professionals, facilities that make people fall in love, total transparency and a family atmosphere.

Its educational project, developed by a team of pedagogues and educational psychologists, stimulates the multiple intelligences of each child from the first moment. Through play, experimentation, art, nature, science, music and sports, its qualified educators work on the emotional, intellectual and psychomotor capacities of each child while teaching them positive personal habits to develop their safety, self-esteem and empathy, respecting their evolutionary rhythm.

Happy Way at the ZAL Port will be a reality as of September 1 of this year. To celebrate, you can enjoy an exclusive offer for the ZAL Port community: free registration valued at €220. Places are limited and will be awarded in order of enrollment.

For reservations, you can call 655 105 565 or write to

If you want to know more about the Happy Way project, we invite you to visit its website and networks at and @escoleshappyway (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).