At the INTERMODAL LOGISTICS CENTER (CILSA), we manage the ZAL Port, which is the Port of Barcelona’s intermodal logistics platform. Its objective is to generate maritime traffic with logistics infrastructure services with added value to the merchandise. A true logistics HUB and economic engine of the city.

At CILSA we are aware that our economic development must implicitly carry ethical and transparent management, ensure safety and health at work, cause the least negative environmental impact and take into account the needs of our stakeholders.

Our commitment goes beyond legal compliance, we voluntarily adhere to the UN Global Compact, we have implemented the ISO 14001 and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) environmental management system, the ISO 50,001 energy management system, the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system and SA 8000 certification of international agreements on working conditions.

Nos comprometemos a:


Comply with legal requirements and other requirements.


Promote and facilitate the participation and consultation of workers and interest groups.


Provide safe and healthy working conditions that help prevent injuries and deterioration of health.


Eliminate hazards and reduce risks related to occupational health and safety.


Prevent pollution, minimize our environmental impact by identifying and acting on significant environmental aspects; reduce the consumption of non-renewable energies and promote the use of the best available technologies.


Design warehouses and equipment that are energy efficient, have the least environmental impact, complying with the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards.


Staying in a process of improvement continues to provide the information and resources necessary to achieve the objectives and goals and implement control measures.


To extend our policy to our suppliers in order for them to supply us with products and services with the minimum environmental impact, energy efficient and safe.


Guarantee the transparency and objectivity of our data through external audits.


Keep in mind in our strategic plans the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CILSA‘s General Management assumes the commitment to provide the necessary resources to comply with this policy and make it public, as well as presenting the results achieved by the management system in the environmental declaration and in the sustainability report.



We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our actions are mainly focused on the following objectives:

The actions we carry out to achieve these objectives are detailed in the sustainability report.

United Nations Global Compact

Since 2018 we have adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, committing ourselves to comply with the ten principles and reporting our results through the publication of the sustainability report.

Channel for comments recommendations, reports or complaints concerning the workplace and/or non -conformities with the SA8000 standard

The SA 8000 standard is based on international agreements on working conditions, which include topics such as social justice, workers’ rights, etc.

ZAL Port’s commitment to sustainable development and transparency is one of the priority objectives in the development of our business activity.

Contact for Corporate Social Responsibility issues: