Transparency portal

Presentation logistics development of the ZAL Port of Barcelona is managed by CILSA (Intermodal Centre of logistics, S.A.), state trading company owned by the Board of Directors, and chaired by the President of the APB (Port Authority of Barcelona). As a company which is part of the public sector, CILSA has the legal obligation to create and maintain this transparency portal. A project which also corresponds with its philosophy and disposition as demonstrated in its Corporate Social Responsability politics.

This section of the website responds to the need to organize the main information about the activity of the ZAL Port of Barcelona in one place thus facilitating access to all interested users. The information is presented in different formats mainly download of pdf’s, dynamic tables, and when the contents have already been published, the link is provided to the original document.


Presentación    Dear fellow citizen:

I would like to introduce you to the transparency Portal of the area of logistics activities of the Port of Barcelona.

In the ZAL Port we understand that transparency is more than to provide information to the user, its purpose should be accountable to our society. Therefore, one of our priorities is to offer clear information, easy to identify and understand.
This transparency portal responds, of course, to the requirements dictated by the Act 19/2013 of transparency, access to public information and good governance. But it also responds to our desire that every interested user find the data of financial and economic management or the corporate and organizational information we have published easily.

We also put at your disposal the “Transparency Mailbox”, a new channel for requests related to public information in the terms laid down by the above mentioned law. We are committed to continue improving and updating this portal of transparency.

I hope that you find it useful and value this initiative that brings us closer to you positively    Presentación

Kind regards,

Jordi Guerrero, General Director