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Motorcycle chargers do not have a minimum recharge amount.

You have one minute from connecting the cable to the system to abandon the recharging process. After this term it will be considered started and the relevant conditions will apply.

Occupation of a loading space implies the application of the current parking rate according to your contract: rotational or paid parking.

From 3 hours of occupancy of an electric charging space, an additional charge will be applied independent of the recharge and the stay of: €0.05/minute.



We are a cashless entity. Only card payment is accepted.



The Efimob App used to use the recharge service is the property of Efimob Efficient Solutions S.L.

The owner of the recharge service offered through the Efimob App is Efimob Efficient Solutions S.L.

Any claim or incident with the App or the service must be submitted to Efimob Efficient Solutions S.L. –


CENTRO INTERMODAL DE LOGISTICA S.A, S.M.E. , hereinafter CILSA, permanently makes these rules of use and operation available to parking users.


1. These rules are mandatory for customers and people who may be in the parking lot or at its entrances.

2. Inside the car park and at its entrances, the client must respect:

The traffic rules and legal or regulatory precepts that may be applicable, and the Law regulating the vehicle parking contract.

Traffic signage.

The instructions of the parking employees, or those made through signs.


1. The parking lot is public.

2. The car park offers rotation and subscription spaces. Depending on the parking, there may be spaces owned by individuals and spaces assigned for use to third parties.

3. Parking spaces will be assigned to cars in order of arrival, except that at some point restrictions may be established due to needs or characteristics of the service. Motorcycles, bicycles and scooters may only park in the spaces indicated for these vehicles and will pay the established rate.

4. Parking spaces intended for electrical recharging of vehicles in rotation may only be used for this purpose and for the time necessary for said recharging.

5. In accessible spaces for people with reduced mobility, only those who have and prove to have used the special administrative authorization for people with reduced mobility (TPMR) may park by means of its fully visible display on the windshield of the vehicle while it remains parked. CILSA will report offenders to the competent authority.

6. Inside the parking lot it is not allowed:

a) The access of vehicles that, due to their dimensions, height or weight, may hinder the normal operation of the parking lot. Unless express prior authorization from CILSA.

b) Access of any person outside the parking services.

c) The storage, deposit and abandonment of belongings or objects both in the parking spaces and in the vehicles parked there that could affect the safety and health of people, as well as the safety, health, stability and tightness of the parking lot. and vehicles. CILSA may remove at any time those goods that generate risks to the health and safety of people.

d) The entry of animals of any type, except pets tied safely.

e) The introduction of combustible, flammable or dangerous materials, except for the normal fuel content of the vehicle tank, and/or having goods inside the vehicle that may pose risks to the safety or health of people.

f) Carry out commercial, annoying, noisy, offensive, unhealthy, dangerous and harmful activities in the parking lot.

g) Carry out maintenance or repair work on vehicles.

h) The movement of pedestrians through areas not marked for this purpose

i) Light a fire and smoke.

j) The entry of potentially dangerous vehicles and/or drivers.

k) Obtaining photographs/recordings of the facilities without the relevant prior authorization.

7. It will be the obligation of clients to deposit the waste they generate in the containers installed for this purpose.


1. In order to enter the parking lot with the vehicle, it will be necessary to collect the time ticket that the machine will issue and which will include the day and time of entry and the marker/license plate that allows the vehicle to be identified. The client must keep it in proper condition, and for safety reasons, always carry it with them. The improper use of a ticket to remove a vehicle from the parking lot that does not correspond to the marker/license plate will be considered fraudulent.

2. Subscriber vehicles must use the means detailed in article 7 below.

3. Vehicles must be parked correctly in the spaces designated for each type of vehicle, within the road markings that delimit the respective space.

4. When the vehicle is parked, the driver must turn off the engine and leave the parking brake on. He will leave the vehicle locked. There is no key collection service in the parking lot.

5. Overtaking is not allowed and the maximum speed inside and on the access ramps to the parking lot will be 10 km/hour.

6. In the event of a breakdown, the customer must follow the instructions of the parking employees.

7. Customers will limit their presence in the parking lot to the time necessary to park and unpark.

8. The client must pay, before picking up the vehicle, the amount of their hourly stay according to the current rates.

9. The loss of the ticket will require the client, to pick up their vehicle, to identify themselves, prove ownership/possession of the vehicle, and pay for the actual stay.

10. The client will have the right to obtain an invoice for the stays made in the parking lot in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1619/2012, of November 30, which approves the Regulations that regulate the obligations of billing.

11. CILSA is entitled to proceed with the removal of vehicles in cases of abandonment, resorting to the procedure provided for in article 6 of law 40/2002 of November 14 regulating the vehicle parking contract.


1. The current rotation rates are set out in the previous section.

2. Subscriber rates will be available to customers at the reception of the Service Center building.

3. For security reasons, CILSA employees may require the client who is inside the car park to show them the parking ticket or the subscriber/user transferee identification card.

4. A vehicle that occupies more than one designated space must pay for its stay based on its actual occupancy.

5. CILSA may exercise the right of retention as a guarantee of the parking price as granted by Law 40/2002 of November 14, regulating the vehicle parking contract, as well as use the means of constraint granted by current legislation.


1. The client will be responsible for removing non-fixed and removable accessories from the vehicle, such as mobile phones and other belongings, and no responsibility for this concept will be extended to CILSA in accordance with the terms of Law 40/2002 of 14 December. November 2002, regulating the parking contract.

2. The client has the obligation to notify CILSA, immediately and before leaving the car park, of any damages that may have been caused to the car park itself or to other clients.

3. The Client must compensate the damages caused to people, vehicles, property and parking facilities, due to fraud, fault, negligence or violation of the applicable regulations.

4. CILSA is not responsible for damages caused by other users or third parties. Nor is it liable for claims for damage to the vehicle once it has left the parking lot.


1. The client may submit claims using the regulatory forms that will be available to clients at the car park office or by email sent to


1. Subscription customers will occupy the places assigned to them for functional and operational reasons of CILSA.

2. The subscription gives the right to use the parking exclusively to the vehicle that appears in the subscription registration record and not to a different vehicle.

3. Any variation in personal data must be communicated to CILSA.

4. It is mandatory to use the coded card to enter and exit the parking lot. The issuance of the card or its replacement due to loss, deterioration, etc., involves the payment of the issuance costs established by CILSA at all times.

5. In addition to the above, if the subscriber wishes, he or she may link the license plate to enter and exit the parking lot to his or her subscription. Linking the registration has no associated cost.

6. The loss of the subscriber card must be reported to CILSA.

7. Payment of subscriber fees will be made according to CILSA instructions.

9. The resolution of the payment must be communicated in writing before the 25th of the current month. When the subscription contract ends or becomes void, the client will be obliged to remove his vehicle.

10. CILSA, in the event of non-compliance by the subscriber, will have the right to terminate the payment after written communication to the client. Likewise, in the event of non-compliance by CILSA, the client may terminate the subscription contract with prior written communication.

11. The relationship between the subscriber and CILSA will be governed by the Rules regulating the Subscriber Regime that are in force at all times.


In relation to the files with personal data owned by the Lessee, the following points are determined:

Responsible: CENTRO INTERMODAL DE LOGÍSTICA, S.A. , S.M.E. (hereinafter CILSA) is responsible for the processing of the following data: a) those of the Tenant himself, in the event that he is considered a self-employed or self-employed worker; b) those of the legal representatives and/or attorneys of the Lessee who have been stated in this document; and c) those of the people who, providing their services to the Lessee, come into contact with CILSA to enable the maintenance, development and management of the business relationship formalized through this document (contact persons), to whom the Lessee undertakes to convey the full content of this clause.

CILSA is domiciled at Av. Ports d’Europa, 100, 08040-Barcelona; It is provided with the telephone number 93 5525800 and the email address

Purpose: The personal data of the interested parties indicated above will be processed to enable the maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship formalized through this document, as well as to send you commercial communications, including by electronic means, about products and/or services of CILSA that may be of interest to you. The data processed for this purpose will be kept as long as said contractual relationship is maintained and, once it ends, during the conservation and limitation periods of responsibilities legally provided.

Legitimation: The legal basis for carrying out the data processing specified in the previous section is the legitimate interest within the framework of the execution of a contract as well as the consent of the Lessee to receive commercial communications from third parties.

Recipients: The data will only be communicated to third parties for compliance with legal obligations.

Rights: The interested party can exercise their access rights before CILSA; rectification; suppression; limitation of treatment; data portability; opposition and not to be subject to automated individual decisions, including the creation of profiles, as well as the revocation of the consent given to receive commercial communications from third parties. To exercise such rights, the interested party can send their request to CILSA, Av. Ports d’Europa, 100, 08040-Barcelona or through the email address

Likewise, in relation to the processing of the data of the Lessee’s employees, CILSA may send commercial communications, even by electronic means, from third parties located in the Service Center building related to discounts and promotions that may be of interest to the Client’s employees. . In this sense, the Lessee is responsible for requesting express and unequivocal consent and for providing the necessary information when obtaining the consent of its employees, in the terms indicated below:

– The personal data of name and surname and email will be transferred to CILSA with address at Av. Ports d’Europa, 100, 08040-Barcelona for the following purposes: That the Lessee’s workers can receive commercial communications, even by electronic means, from third parties located in the Service Center building related to discounts and promotions that may be of interest to the Lessee’s employees.

– In this case, the legal basis for the processing of these data is the consent given by the Lessee’s employees. The period of conservation of the data transferred by the Lessee will be until the moment in which the employee withdraws his consent, CILSA is obliged not to communicate these data to any third party, with the exception of the following categories of data processors: email providers and online office automation, providers of business management programs, management, accounting, auditing and lawyers. Likewise, CILSA may transfer the data to Processors located in the United States of America that adhere to the Privacy Shield that has an adequacy decision from the Commission (Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1250). Likewise, the Lessee’s workers may exercise their access rights; rectification; suppression; limitation of treatment; data portability; opposition and not to be subject to automated individual decisions, including profiling, as well as the revocation of the consent given by the Lessee’s employees to receive commercial communications from third parties. To exercise such rights, the interested party can send their request to CILSA, Av. Ports d’Europa, 100, 08040-Barcelona or through the email address

In any case, the interested party has the right to file a claim with the corresponding supervisory authority if he or she deems it appropriate.


These rules may be subject to modification by CILSA when it considers it convenient for the best operation of the parking lot.

CILSA will publish these updates in the parking lot for the proper knowledge of customers.

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