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ZAL Port starts it’s new waste management service

The purpose of this new service in the Logistics Activities Zone of the Port of Barcelona is to provide tenant companies with correct recycling management.

The new tender for waste collection and management awarded to the company Corporació CLD for more than €1.2M has promoted the implementation of a new collection system throughout the logistic park.

This service is offered to all tenant companies of the ZAL Port with the aim of aligning ourselves with the European Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in terms of recycling, one of the main challenges for Catalonia in relation to the SDGs, in order to reduce substantially the generation of waste through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse policies.

Services included for tenant companies

A free service that covers the collection and management of waste deposited in:

  • 1000 liter containers at street level for the REST fraction.
  • New selective collection islands at street level.
  • Logistics warehouse offices: selective collection of paper, batteries and toner.
  • Collection of pallets and wood scraps from warehouses (1 cage per 5,000 m2 or equivalent).
  • Green Point at the Service Center (Special Waste Collection).

We also offer all ZAL Port clients the facility of a maximum price to directly contract the awarded company for the collection and management of their waste. Once the service has been arranged, Corporació CLD company will contact the requesting company to confirm it.

New selective collection islands

To improve the correct segregation and management of waste from the current service, new selective collection islands have been introduced at different points of the ZAL Port.

Each island has three containers:

  • Grey: banal residues.
  • Blue: waste paper and cardboard.
  • Yellow: plastic and packaging waste.

Among some obligations and prohibitions, the correct separation of waste from source and deposit in the appropriate container stands out, as well as correct maintenance of the containers without depositing dangerous contents, or moving them away from their original location.