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ZAL Port leads the security dedicated to the technological risks of electric vehicles and photovoltaic parks

Great attendance success, with more than 120 attendees and nearly 60 companies from the sector attended the last safety event held on November 23 in the ZAL Port Service Center Auditorium.

The day began with a welcome from Jordi Vila, of the Rector’s council of the Port of Barcelona and responsible for the Environment of the Port of Barcelona. Afterwards, Carlos Carrasco, responsible of safety and environment, on behalf of the ZAL Port, opened the conference emphasizing the importance of safety and prevention.


From the Port Authority of Barcelona, Jordi Vila, responsible of the environment of the Port of Barcelona, spoke about the “Future of mobility and energy self-consumption”. The Port of Barcelona is an engine of prosperity, but always with sustainability criteria. In line with advancing mobility and renewable energies, the various initiatives related to electric vehicles, such as charging points, as well as the challenges in decarbonization and reducing emissions, were presented.


From the AON company, experts in a range of risk mitigation products, Albert Puigderrajols explained how to anticipate risks in building roofs, which could be caused by installation or operational risks. In relation to good practices in this area, he spoke about the choice of material, planning, correct electrical installation, fire safety, inspection and maintenance.


From IDIADA, Joël Verney, safety supervisor, spoke about the protection and extinguishing of batteries in electric vehicles, warning, in relation to batteries, of the high calorific power, the emission of toxic and corrosive gases, of the projections of incandescent materials, among other situations to take into account.


Joan Carles Cejalbo, head of “Bombers de Barcelona”, explained emergency interventions due to electrical hazards. It focused on the identification of the potential risks of photovoltaic installations: electrical, fire spread, inhalation of dangerous chemical products, among others. Particular emphasis was placed on compliance with regulations. In relation to the emergency intervention of electric vehicles, some of the associated risks are the possibility of electrical contact, inhalation of harmful substances. He warned, in particular, about loading the vehicle in locations such as parking lots.


Next, from Securitas, they s emphasized the importance of prevention and action for special fire risks and the remote management of PCI systems, in addition to the use of drones in the supervision of the fires themselves.

The closing was carried out by Jordi Guerrero, general director of ZAL Port, who thanked both the contributions of the speakers and the presence of the logistics, business and institutional sectors of the sector. ZAL Port is a reference in the areas of logistics activities and it is part of its DNA to ensure sustainability and prevention.