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Improves in the transport between Barcelona and ZAL Port with bus lines L88/89 and PR4

Agreement between the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, CILSA and the Port of Barcelona.

We want to inform you of some important developments that will improve the mobility experience in the city of Barcelona. Since August 23, a new and improved structure of public transport connections between the city, the Port and the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL Port) has come into service.

The cooperation between the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, CILSA and the Port of Barcelona has given rise to this initiative, which aims to provide a more comfortable and accessible mobility option.

Bus line 88, which used to operate as a single route, is being divided into parts to offer more efficient service. All lines will connect the Paral·lel metro station to the Port and the ZAL Port. Line 88 will run along Àlvarez de la Campa and arrive at the ZAL and Riu Vell metro station, while line 89 will connect to the ZAL Port – Prat (PIF) and the BEST terminal, offering an express tour to the Port.

To ensure a smooth and convenient experience, bus line schedules have been coordinated. During regular service hours, buses will run every 15 minutes, and during peak hours, the frequency will be 5 to 10 minutes, providing punctual and consistent service.

The PR4 line establishes a connection between the Prat de Llobregat Station and the ZAL Port – Prat, with a service frequency of 30 minutes. At the stop within the ZAL – Riu Vell Metro area, it is possible to transfer to lines 88 and 89 to complete the journey to ZAL Port – BCN.

In addition to improvements in connectivity, emphasis has also been placed on environmental sustainability, and the new fleet already has 11 new hybrid buses, which include articulated and standard models. Some changes that demonstrate the commitment to more ecological and efficient public transport.

You can find out more details about the new routes at this link:

You can also find the triptych of lines 88 and 89 in the following link.