No. 2 July 2016

The ZAL Port changes its image in a new stage which makes history

The ZAL Port, previously ZAL, is working on its new image. A series of modifications that go far beyond the change of name or of nuances in the colours of its graphic logo, it will include the modernisation and brightening up of the warehouses, the

The environmental management system of the ZAL Port gets the EMAS certificate and the ISO 14001

The ZAL Port, a logistic model in the Mediterranean, also stands out in the industry for its actions aimed at enhancing sustainability and caring for the environment.

The new Carrefour warehouse in the ZAL Port (Prat) symbol of a new stage in the Logistics Platform of the ZAL Port

In 2015, the ZAL Port, managed by CILSA, had such good results that it is clear that the Port of Barcelona Park is ready to begin a new expansion phase. The decision of

The ZAL Port, at SIL and on the social networks

The ZAL Port has been present in the Barcelona fair, the Salón Internacional de la Logística y la Manutención (SIL) (International Logistics and Material Handling